About us

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World's first CPA for ICO

World's first CPA network on new crypto economy market. Successfully making traffic for ICO projects from crypto exchanges, ICO media and other sources.

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Wide expertise in ICO launching

6 years experience of affiliate marketing
3 years of blockchain technology experience
5 successfully launched ICO
58 smart contracts built for our partners

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We are result oriented

We're making the CPA market completely transparent for our advertisers and webmasters. Just changing the game rules - enough wasting budget for website views, pay for your reached goals!

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Huge amounts of traffic, excellent quality

Our staff are more than 40 media buyers and also more than 350 webmasters ready to provide extreme loads of traffic in short period. Using most advanced analytics and optimisation instruments allows us to create amounts of leads without quality losses.

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All traffic sources, any possible way to increase your audience

Facebook, Google Adwords, Twitter, SMM, Native ads, news

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Strong professional team

Our team is built on professionals in blockchain technology and partner marketing.


«We are the first CPA network working with cryptocurrencies»

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Working with most valuable projects on market.

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